Influencer sued by Nike for swapping real brand with fakes and selling dupes

Billion-dollar company goes after influencer who allegedly sold counterfeits. Picture: Canva Germany GmbH

Billion-dollar company goes after influencer who allegedly sold counterfeits. Picture: Canva Germany GmbH

Published Jan 19, 2024


Unlike traditional jobs, those who work as influencers are often under high public scrutiny so their images are supposed to be squeaky-clean.

However, to the contrary, some film and post clips online of them partaking in “shady” or even criminal acts.

One such influencer got sloppy and ended up being sued by Nike.

Eben Fox, who goes by Cedaz online, uploaded an appropriately titled video, “I Returned FAKE Nike Shoes To Nike…(SHOCKING)”.

The influencer is based in Florida in America.

“Today I’m going to try to return fake Nike shoes to Nike, aka committing a crime, just kidding, it’s a prank or social experiment. Please like the video,” the creator said in the video.

He then went to a physical Nike store, purchased the brand’s sneakers then bought a fake pair online and ‘returned’ the counterfeit ones and received a full refund.

Cedaz claimed that knock-offs were getting less easy to spot and looked better than the originals.

The YouTuber took videos of himself and even encouraged fans to go to the site that sells fake brands using his affiliate code.

His fellow YouTuber Atozy said, “The only reason we know about this is because he documented himself doing it.

“To make things even worse for himself, he snitched on himself in ‘4K’ to promote this fake shoe website. So, this guy absolutely primed himself for a lawsuit.”

And Nike did just that.

“Defendant Eben Fox is a social media influencer who goes by the alias ‘Cedaz’ brazenly promotes and sells counterfeit Nike goods on his various social media channels and apparently believes he can engage in this illegal conduct with impunity. This is not the case,” stated the conglomerate.

They went on to describe the creator as the ringleader of an organised counterfeit trafficking community which gives step-by-step instructions on how to purchase and sell counterfeit goods from overseas.

Nike was seeking a judgment and order that Cedaz wilfully infringed Nike’s Asserted Marks and engaged in counterfeiting.

Additionally, they want him to send any fake goods to be destroyed, damages suffered by the company and an order for him to give them any profit he earned.

“An award of three times the amount of compensatory damages and increased profits,” demanded Nike.