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Monday, December 4, 2023

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Stop the fear: How to strengthen your career prospects in the age of AI

Employees are concerned about what this rapid new development could mean for their job prospects. Photo: Supplied

Employees are concerned about what this rapid new development could mean for their job prospects. Photo: Supplied

Published Apr 13, 2023


With Artificial Intelligence (AI) having taken a giant leap in advancement, such as ChatPT, there has been what may be categorised as mass panic about job security in the face of such accessible technology.

While businesses are still evaluating how to use AI to enhance procedures, productivity, and the bottom line, employees are concerned about what this rapid new development could mean for their job prospects.

“It is true that, just like with new technologies in the past, AI will most certainly lead to attrition of certain jobs going forward. However, just as with past technological advances – which frankly has been happening since the industrial revolution - new sectors and jobs will be created,’’ said Africa MD at Jack Hammer Global, Advaita Naidoo.

Naidoo added that foresightful people are already imagining the possibilities that accessible AI will have in every area of work and business.

‘’While the extent of the impact of AI on specific careers and fields, and how the world of work, in general, is going to shape up in coming years can’t yet be fully understood, individuals must start exploring this new terrain even in the absence of a map.

‘’Regardless of your role, start understanding and investigating how AI can be used to supplement, augment, or enhance your work so that, at the very least, you’re contributing to the conversation instead of being a nay-sayer or ostrich with your head in the sand.’’

People might not yet know what the actual impact is in their domain of expertise, said the MD, but by staying ahead of the curve of new developments, they will be well positioned to respond efficiently and effectively when the landscape becomes clearer.

She cited the massive upswing in demand for prompt engineers (someone who creates the prompts required for an AI model to perform a task) in the past few weeks – a position that was not even part of the mainstream lexicon two months ago.

“Ultimately, professionals should approach the AI question not from a position of fear that they will be out-automated, but rather from the position that they should now develop their skill-set so that they can incorporate new technology to enhance and augment their professional competitiveness,” she said.

Understanding how AI is altering a sector is especially beneficial for people looking for new roles, as presenting insightful thoughts during the interview process will almost certainly set them apart from their counterparts and provide them with an advantage.

“Although it may not be easy or familiar, investigating the impact of AI is necessary to set yourself apart from others in your field.”

Naidoo advised that this can be done, for instance, by attending webinars, discussion groups, learning sessions, or watching YouTube videos – all of them free resources that can help you understand how to use AI in your industry and achieve your goals.

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