Summer jobs you can get into to make some cash

Start your holidays with a bang by getting a part-time job and making cash. Picture: Pexels

Start your holidays with a bang by getting a part-time job and making cash. Picture: Pexels

Published Nov 10, 2023


Summer is coming! The exciting season that coincides with Dezemba is sure to bring sun, fun, and potential part-time jobs.

As the holiday period rolls in, people often need help at home, or need extra hands at their businesses, because this is a very busy time of the year.

Summer jobs are perfect for students who are out of school or university and can use the money. However, you don’t need to be a student to go for a summer job; anyone can.

Here are some jobs that you can explore:

Restaurant jobs

With children on school holidays and parents treating them, restaurants are sure to be busy and in need of extra help.

Most professionals also elect to take their annual leave at this time of year, so eateries are a good spot to start job seeking.

Make sure to apply early online, or do walk-ins and ask whether you can drop your CV off for consideration.


Once more, children and teens will be home these holidays and some families may need someone to look after them.

This could be because nannies or helpers have gone home.

Start in your neighbourhood and ask families if they might need some help.


Clothing stores also typically hire extra staff during the holiday season as they are flooded with customers and desperately in need of help.

These jobs include assisting customers to find what they are looking for, moving clothing to where it should be, and other tasks.

Walk-ins can work here as well, as long as you hand in your CV before others do.

Create bespoke gifts

It can be difficult to think of what gift to give someone. A personalised gift can make things easier. It is unique and not replicable.

Unique features can include adding a favourite saying, meaningful words, significant dates, first names, and more.

If you have the artistic talent, this can be a perfect side hustle to take on these holidays.

Dog sitting

Some families will be leaving their homes and going on vacation, but they can’t take their furry friends with them.

This is why if you love animals, dog-sitting can be a good job. Additionally, this is a year-round vocation.

You can sign up for dog-walking or dog-sitting apps such as Wag! and others.

Through these apps, you can create your own schedules and work as often as you want.