The highest paying job in SA has a R213,000 pay day

Salary Explorer has revealed the top 10 highest paying jobs in South Africa. Picture: Steve PB / Pixabay

Salary Explorer has revealed the top 10 highest paying jobs in South Africa. Picture: Steve PB / Pixabay

Published Jul 4, 2024


Some South Africans are still earning big pay cheques, including an occupation that will pay people over R200,000 a month.

This is despite a drop in salaries in the country.

Data from the StatsSA Quarterly Employment Statistics (QES) showed that the average formal, non-agricultural salary decreased from R26,822 in Q4 2023 to R26,791 in Q1 2024.

This is a 0.1% decrease in salaries.

Although salaries in the country have lowered, there are some SA occupations that pay good money.

Salary Explorer, a salary comparison site, has revealed the jobs that pay the most money in South Africa.

The site uses information sent in by their users, as well as their own database of salary information gathered from recruitment agencies, companies and employers to generate the results.

Here are a look at the top 10 highest paying jobs in SA:

1. Surgeons/Doctors

Salary range: from R72,500 to R213,000

According to Salary Explorer, surgeons sit at top the list of the highest paying careers list due to the critical nature of their job.

The job of a surgeon involves high risk. It also requires extensive knowledge and has a long learning path which makes it a high paying career.

2. Judges

Salary range: from R42,800 to R148,000

Due to the huge responsibilities that are associated with the job, judges earn high salaries.

3. Lawyers

Salary range: from R41,000 to R131,000

According to the salary comparison site, the primary reason that lawyers get huge pay cheques is because they are perceived to have a high value in the eyes of their clients.

4. Bank Managers

Salary range: from R36,900 to R108,000

Having charge of millions in funds and investments, as well as all the associated risks that come along with it makes managing a bank a crucial task that is worthy of a hefty salary.

5. Chief Executive Officers

Salary range: from R34,200 to R109,000

Chief Executive Officers are solely in charge of the success or failure of organisations and businesses.

It is a lucrative career due to the vast scope of impact, as well as the risks involved, according to Salary Explorer.

6. Chief Financial Officers

Salary range: from R33,900 to R108,000

According to Salary Explorer, any job that involves the managing of money automatically qualifies for high pay.

Chief Financial Officers are in charge of manage budgets, spending, costs, and revenue, which has a direct impact the operations of an organisation.

7. Orthodontists

Salary range: from R30,900 to R107,000

Orthodontists work in an industry where people are willing to pay a lot of money for a service, making it a lucrative career worth smiling about.

8. College Professors

Salary range: from R28,600 to R99,000

Salary Explorer said that college professors are among the top-earning and most prestigious careers.

The path to becoming a professor requires persistence which is partly why their earnings are high.

9. Pilots

Salary range: R29,100 to R85,700

Pilots go through rigorous training programmes and they are responsible for the lives and safety of thousands of people every day.

10. Marketing Directors

Salary range: from R24,200 to R77,200

Marketing Directors are in charge of increasing the revenue of their organisations and generating business, they are well paid for that reason.

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