11th Investec Cape Town Art Fair goes ‘Unbound’

Investec Cape Town Art Fair. Picture: Armand Hough.

Investec Cape Town Art Fair. Picture: Armand Hough.

Published Feb 4, 2024


Cape Town - If art is what makes your creative juices flow, you've got to get to the annual Investec Cape Town Art Fair.

The 11th edition of the art fair makes a splash of colour at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from February 16 to 18 and has safely carved its reputation as Africa's largest art fair.

The curatorial theme for the 2024 edition is “Unbound”, focusing on emerging and “unbound” voices.

Art becomes a compelling catalyst amid global challenges. It offers individuals a platform for expression, a space where diverse voices can be heard. “Unbound” serves as a conduit for exploring alternative possibilities and breaking free from constrictive narratives.

Investec Cape Town Art Fair director Laura Vincenti said this edition of the art fair sees Cape Town play a far more significant role in foregrounding the art fair's activities and artists for its local and international audience of collectors and institutions.

Investec Cape Town Art Fair. Picture: Armand Hough

“The city's geography is an integral part of Investec Cape Town Art Fair's success. Cape Town is a vibrant cultural hub, with a supportive community. It is very attractive to international collectors, with the great combination of diverse, cutting-edge art and a favourable exchange rate.

“This year the fair continues its work of providing an annual platform for artists, galleries, curators, museums, cultural institutions, collectors, and art enthusiasts to connect and interact in the name of art.

The fair is also becoming known for facilitating meaningful dialogue, education and far-reaching interaction around contemporary African and global art.”

The 2024 edition takes a different approach to the look and feel of the fair and incorporates Vincenti's experience and expertise as an architect. Art lovers will be greeted with layout of blocks related to the curatorial concepts and theme of the fair, rather than in the more conventional rows of exhibiting booths. Each curated section that is of interest to visitors will be in the same space for ease of access.

Investec Cape Town Art Fair. Picture: Supplied

The ICTAF celebrated its 10-year milestone in February 2023 and has been classified as one of Cape Town's key international attractions.

The fair is strategically positioned as the leading art event on the African continent, connecting contemporary art from Africa to the markets in Europe, the US, and the rest of the world.

Beneficial for African galleries, this fair offers a platform for emerging contemporary galleries and art enthusiasts from the African continent to interact on an equal footing.

Visitors to the fair can expect an extensive public programme both at the fair and in and around Cape Town.

There will also be a variety of ICTAF-related activities and programmes happening in and around the city at leading galleries, museums and institutions during the fair.

There will be 115 exhibitors represented by 24 countries both on the African continent as well as internationally, with more than 375 exhibiting artists made up of 54 nationalities from across the globe, showcasing artworks in more than 30 art forms.

Get your tickets via Webtickets for R170 to R410. The art comes alive at Cape Town International Conference Centre from 11am to 7pm.

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