Cape Town - 160428 - His daily journal of his life on the streets has touched many hearts, and now Danny Oosthuizen has been offered a weekly column at the Cape Argus. Oosthuizen has been speaking from the heart in daily journal entries which were published in the Cape Argus as part of The Dignity Project since April 11. On Thursday, while submitting his final entry, he was told about the offer, and accepted it. Picture: David Ritchie

Danny Oosthuizen says his new motto is: “Never fear when the CCID is near.”

Cape Town - I live in a beautiful city. With beautiful people. Our Muslim friends have entered the month of Ramadaan and everybody seems to take pride and joy in our inter-religious solidarity and respect we have for one another.

As a Christian, I have the utmost respect for Muslims, as I only ever came across their kindness and social upliftment among the homeless in Cape Town.

So for us homeless, Ramadaan is a special time of the year, too, as we get to share in the blessings and goodwill. Restoring our own humanity, hopes and dreams for a better future. Muslim or not.

And don’t for one minute get confused with the Islam of IS.

This small, fanatic minority only causes pain and hate, and everything real Muslims don’t stand for. Muslims, by their faith, are compelled to preserve, defend and honour all human life.

And this I see and feel whenever I am with them.

While we’re on the topic of love and care, I had the privilege to spend Friday with fieldworkers of the CCID, Mark and Wiseman.

Honestly, people, it was an eye-opener for me.

When one assumes you know what people do, just to then find out you knew nothing at all, is embarrassing!

Most amazing is the connection they have with the public and business owners.

Almost everybody knows them by name.

Their knowledge of the city and its history is very educational.

They are dedicated towards their work.

I think it must also be said that their love for people, especially those in need, makes a huge difference.

We went as far as the Plain to assist people in need.

My new motto is: “Never fear when the CCID is near.”

I am hopping in my chair to the sound of Mory Kanté’s Yeke Yeke, reflecting on Sunday’s celebration of the two-year anniversary of the “Souper Troopers” that was held at the Service Dining Rooms.

If one could bottle the love, dedication and commitment Kerry Hoffman has towards the homeless, there would not be enough glass in this world to do it!

And with her, many business partners and members of our community came together to make this a historic moment.

The little bit we each can give becomes more than enough when added together as one.

And boy, did they give!

Some people celebrated their birthdays at the Service Dining Rooms and there were gifts for the homeless.

SA Vinyl has sleeping bags made by Street sleeper, so this winter there will be waterproof warmth!

Nathan Kennedy entertained us with a few of his songs and some of us were dancing on the tables!

Charly’s Bakery made the most divine chocolate cake to celebrate this event. Thank you to all who participated.

* Danny Oosthuizen’s daily journal of his life on the streets for #TheDignityProject touched many hearts, and now he writes a weekly column for the Cape Argus. Contact him at [email protected]

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