Jon Snow is undoubtedly a pivotal character in Game of Thrones #GOT, but will he end up sitting on the Iron Throne? Picture: HBO
The Wall - Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, has undergone some intense character changes as his journey has advanced on the show. Jon has always been the character doing the right thing, but even though he did that, it still lead to his downfall. However after was attacked by his own men, it changed his perspective and who he would become.

Season 1
In the first episode in Game of Thrones, we are introduced to the Stark family, led by Ned and Catelyn Stark. The Stark family resides in Winterfell along with their kids - Bran, Rickon, Sansa, Arya and Robb. The family also took care of Ned’s illegitimate son, Jon Snow. Snow was the surname give to all illegitimate children in the northern area of Westeros. 

Jon got along well with his "siblings" and has a particular attachment to Arya. Although Jon was raised with the other kids in the family, Ned’s wife never accepted Jon, and always looked down on him.

Jon Snow was also the one who discovered the dire wolves and encouraged Ned to give one pup to each of the siblings. The dire wolves have become an extended symbol for the Stark children.

Jon arrives at the Wall to join the Night’s watch and remains loyal to his job throughout the series with Ghost - his dire wolf.

After taking his vows, Jon is disappointed as he is made the steward to Lord Commander rather than a ranger. But he later learns that it is he, who was being groomed for command. There were a lot of moments in Season 1 when Jon is torn between family and work, but he always honours his vow.

Season 2
Jon is a member of the scouting party led by ranger Qhorin Halfhand. Qhorin's party finds a group of lookouts and ambushes them. Jon hesitates in killing one, realising the wildling, Ygritte, is a woman. Qhorin questions her and then leaves Jon alone to execute her. 

Jon does not return and Qhorin goes looking for him. He finds Jon's tracks but is ambushed by wildlings while following them. Qhorin's men are killed and he is taken prisoner by the wildlings. He is soon joined in captivity by Jon. He urges Jon to ensure that the deaths of his men were not meaningless and says that he could be a valuable spy in the wildling ranks. 

He then feigns anger with Jon to make him seem more sympathetic to Ygritte, and to make him look like a traitor to the Watch.

Later on, Qhorin realises he will have to sacrifice himself in order to facilitate the ruse of Jon deserting to the wildlings, so he stuns one of his captors and acquires a sword, attacking Jon with the seeming intention of killing him for treachery. The Lord of Bones lets them fight, and Ygritte gives Jon back his sword. Qhorin enrages Jon by insulting his parentage. After a fierce duel, Jon mortally stabs Qhorin as per Qhorin's own instructions, who whispers to Jon "We are the watchers on the Wall" before he breathed his last, signaling to Jon that he has done the right thing and reminding him where his loyalties lie.

Jon then meets Mance Rayder, the "King Beyond the Wall", and the leader of Wildlings. Jon pledges his loyalty to Mance and travels with the Wildlings to first scout and then scale the Wall.

Season 3
Jon falls in love with Ygritte as he spends more time with the Wildlings.

Jon, Ygritte and the Wildlings survive the perilous climb of the Wall and continue moving south through the Gift. Orell, who is another Wildling scout, is also attracted to Ygritte and throughout the journey through the woods, keeps telling her that he would be a better match for her.

In the meantime, Jon and the rest of the Wildling party prepare to attack an old breeder’s home for his horses and gold. Wildlings wanted to kill the elderly man, but Jon disagrees that he is a threat. Jon is attacked by other Wildlings for his refusal to attack the man but manages to escape. 

Angry with his betrayal, Ygritte attacks Jon Snow with arrows, but he manages to run away.

Season 4
Jon survives the injuries inflicted by Ygritte, and returns to the Wall.

Jon also finds out about the death of his half-brother Robb and stepmother Catelyn.

But, despite wanting revenge for his family, he decides to remain at the Wall. Jon also admits to killing Qhorin Halfhand, living with the Wildlings and bedding one of them (Ygritte) to the Night’s Watch. He tells his group that Mance intends to attack them, but fellow rangers Slynt and Thorne turn hostile towards him.

They prepare for a battle with the Wildings. In the battle at the Wall, Jon meets Ygritte again, and in a unexpected turn of events, Ygritte dies.

Season 5
Actor Kit Harington as Jon Snow (front) is seen in an episode of Game Of Thrones. Picture: Helen Sloan, HBO, via Associated Press
Stannis Baratheon hopes to add the Wildling army to his own so he can take control of Westeros. However, Mance refuses to do so and is burned. Stannis offers to legitimise Jon and make him the Lord of Winterfell. However, Jon is voted as the new Commander of the Night’s Watch and Jon reveals his wish to include Wildlings into the population of Westeros.

Jon’s desire to do so comes out of a close encounter with the White Walkers. He soon realises just how dangerous they are, and that the real war will be between the living and the dead, not among his fellow men. 

Jon’s desire to include the Wildings enrages Thorne. Thorne plans a mutiny, and lures Jon outside where all the people involved in the mutiny stab him.

Jon bleeds to death and dies outside at the end of Season 5.
Season 6

Jon’s body is found at the start of Season 6 and on Davos Seaworth's encouragement Melisandre, a priestess, resurrects Jon. 

Once John is resurrected, he punishes those who killed him. Jon then announces that his time at the Wall has come to end because he had fulfilled his duty, having given his life. 

Jon later reunites with his half-sister Sansa, who has fled her volatile husband Ramsay Bolton. Ramsey is trying to take control of the Stark lands, and get Sansa back, but in the process he declares war against Jon and Sansa.

Jon doesn’t listen to Sansa’s advice to beat Ramsey, and while in battle when it looks like Jon will die again, Sansa delivers a surprise with the help of another army. They win the epic battle, but lose brother Rickon to the conflict. 

Jon and Sansa are currently together trying to get their family name back to its former glory.
Game of Thrones' Kit Harington in a scene from the show. Picture: Helen Sloan/HBO via AP
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