Justin Bieber kisses his mother Pattie Mallette. File photo: Jordan Strauss

Cape Town - Justin Bieber often grabs his crotch suggestively and gets his fans worked up by posting suggestive pictures of himself, and his mother has had enough.

Pattie Mallette pleaded with fans on Twitter not to post sexually explicit messages for her son. She said she is tired of Beliebers telling her that her boy makes them “horny”.

Mallette, who has over 3.24 million followers on Twitter, has asked Biebers followers to stop sending sexually explicit messages to her on the social networking site .

She wrote: ‘’Dear Sweet Beliebers, Please stop telling me my son makes you horny. It’s NOT something a mom wants to hear. Love Mom #Things YouDontTellMom.’’

About two hours before she pleaded not to be dragged into teenage fantasies, Bieber tweeted links to selfies at his Shots account, two of which were perhaps more suggestive than Mallette would have approved of.

Mallette, 39 is reportedly happy to continue to support his young fans. She offered words of wisdom to the singer’s admirers last month, telling them to always “let out” their emotions and never bottle up their feelings.

After receiving grateful replies, she added: “I love it when you guys call me mom. I love you too!!! Hugs.”

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