Pastor and DJ Kemo Immanuel Waters Picture: Facebook


Staff Writer

The PREACHER who said on Twitter that white people should be killed to end racism has apologised for his outburst.

The Rev Kemo Immanuel Waters runs a business called the KemoTherapy Institute of Truth.

He is a DJ and describes himself on his Twitter profile as a preacher, author, poet, father and truth seeker.

Early on Saturday he wrote: “The only way to end racism is to kill a material number of whites. @helenzille your indifferent and patronising stance is a double dare…”

Waters said he had been upset after his family had been made to sit at the bar in a busy restaurant in Camps Bay, Cape Town, for half an hour.

His statements caused a furore.

Western Cape Premier Zille said the Tweet was hate speech and that she would be laying charges against Waters.

Yesterday, he apologised on Twitter.

“It was not a threat, but a vent by a man frustrated by arrogant racism.

“I accept all consequences of my unfortunate Tweet. I apologise to those who may have been offended by my vent.”