Gandalf’s will be returning to the city with a re-launch event Friday, May 31st at the venue’s regular location. Picture: Facebook

Cape Town - June 2018 was a dark time for Cape Town’s alternative music scene. 

The iconic alternative and live music venue, Gandalf’s, had shut down after being the go-to destination for punks, metal-heads, goths, and anyone wanting to join in for laughs, cheap drinks, good company, and the warm feeling of being part of the local community. 

The venue had to be closed down following the sale of the property, by the landlord, due to the rising property value of Observatory.

Now, after two practice runs, the owner of Gandalf's, Navin Osman, has announced, via social media, that Gandalf’s will be returning to the city with a re-launch event Friday, May 31st and Saturday June 1st at the venue’s regular location, starting at 9pm.

The greater Cape Town region has had a few replacement destinations over the past year of Gandalf’s absence, such as Mercury Live, Ace ‘n’ Spades Bar, Stones Observatory, and a few other smaller locations for live alternative music or rock playlists, though Gandalf’s closure had left a void for many people. 

Despite previous backlash from Cape Town’s conservative community due to the “darker” and often misunderstood nature of the alternative subcultures, Gandalf’s, like the community at large, has always attempted to pride itself on an anti-prejudice atmosphere, creating an environment of acceptance and tolerance for everyone from all walks of life, where even physical altercations where considered out of the ordinary.

The re-launch is sure to leave many Capetonians feeling excited.


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