Constantia has several hidden gems ideal for entertaining children while adults enjoy lazy weekend mornings.

Ferndale Nursery on Brommersvlei Road is a sprawling nursery perfect for finding any plant under the sun, with fruit trees and shrubs galore.

The hardware section is stocked and well priced and has an extensive indoor/patio gardening section, complete with everything you need for a koi pond.

But that’s not the best part about this slice of paradise in the Constantia valleys.

The play area is huge with enough space for you to let your tykes run free, with a large grassy patch and a steel pagola perfect for parties.

There are geese, ducks, chickens and other fowl, with little packets of dried corn kernels to feed them.

The less tame birds are kept in a gated enclosure, but be warned: there is a small reservoir of muddy water for the birds to play in, which your kids could easily slip into, so keep an eye out.

There are tractors, jungle gyms and a really awesome maze where more than a few children have managed to evade their parents.

When you feel peckish, there is a great food truck serving hot and cold beverages, hot dogs, boerewors rolls and burgers.

It’s the ideal place to wile away a Saturday morning and allow your kids to blow off some steam.


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