Boet Fighter is a organic, handmade and comically crafted game that celebrates what makes the SA middle class so sh*tty, but packaged in a loving way. Picture: Cali4ways/Twitter

Cape Town - SA gamers now can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the first official trailer for local game Boet Fighter has dropped, and it more than delivers on the action and comedy.

Boet Fighter is completely organic, handmade and a comically crafted game that celebrates everything that makes the South African middle class so sh*tty, but packaged in a loving way - a game where the damsel in distress motif gets flipped on its head. 

The game is by local independent video game developers Cali4ways Games.

A description attached to the trailer reads:

"Behold, charnas! The OFFICIAL TRAILER for soon-to-be-jolled, South African walk-around-and-moer-okes video game, BOET FIGHTER! It's got vaalence, traffic, hadedas, explosions, naaght clubs, taxis, rugby, bench-pressing, traable tattoos, a release date (that we are at least 92% confident about), easter eggs, and many of the other magical things that make both Joburg and this game the two TITTEST things in the universe!

To show the full extent of how utterly flippin' tit the faanal game is going to be, we would have needed Peter Jackson to direct three four-hour trailers for us, but for now, this should make your appetite [email protected] wet! Jol it, share it, klap it again, and then phone your ma and tune her all about it, because she probably doesn't know how to properly jol the internet! It's taam to get excaated, charnas! Boet Fighter is on its way to beat you to within a inch of your laaf!"

The game apparently "started off as a goof" but has taken SA by storm.

The central plot line for game will reportedly "follow Hard Eddy and Mod-C as they indiscriminately bliksem strangers to find out whether or not they had anything to do with the mysterious disappearance of a girl that Hard Eddy just met".

“Taking the plunge from an after hours’ hobby to full time game developers has been terrifying… it’s still terrifying. We channel that fear into Boet Fighter. When your dreams start giving you nightmares, then monetise that trauma,” previously said Louis du Pisani, the "apparent" CEO of Cali4ways Games.

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