Formula 1 legend, David Coulthard has gone viral yet again for jamming to a "yaart nommer" while he was in Cape Town. Picture: Screengrab

Cape Town - Formula 1 legend, David Coulthard has not only been causing quite a stir with his racing skills in Cape Town for the Red Bull Cape Town Circuit, but now has gone viral while jamming to a "yaart nommer".

The term "yaart nommer" is widely used within the Cape Flats community, and much like Gqom music, a yaart nommer is used to describe a traditional pop song that has been infused with a particular house beat. It is something predominantly associated with coloured people from Cape Town.


In his most recent viral clip, the F1 driver is seen dancing and grooving along to a DJ RENDEL CPT mix of "Trust and Believe" from Keyshia Cole - a yaart nommer staple for many on the Cape Flats.

The video was posted on June 3, the day after the Red Bull Cape Town Circuit event and already has over 50 000 views on Facebook. 

The comments have been enjoying the viral video, with some stating they like Coulthard's moves.

Dusty Van Wyk: "It's like people forget they're human too lol."

Bakr Absalom: "Okayyyy taxi queen I see you."

Gary Meder: "Wow! What a cool dude."

Keenan Jaftha: "Damn could've let the man sit in a taxi with some serious sound."

Listen to the original yaart version of the song below:

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