Cape Town - 130620 - Magician Larry Soffer handed over a sealed envelope in a box yesterday to SmileFM in which was placed a prediction of what the Cape Argus headline would be today. After opening the envelope it was confirmed his prediction was accurate. Larry's prediction: "Guptas are my friends." to the headline: "Zuma: Guptas are my friends.". Pictured: (from left) Reporter from the Cape Argus holding the sealed envelope, magician Larry Soffer and SmileFM presenter Bobby Brown. REPORTER: KIERAN LEGG. PICTURE: WILLEM LAW.

WHEN Larry Soffer made the bold claim that he could predict the Cape Argus’s front page, it was clearly going to be a tough ask.

While the magician had successfully pulled off the trick on TV shows, such as 3 Talk, and other radio stations, he was visibly nervous when he walked into the offices of Smile FM yesterday morning.

Soffer, pictured, said he had scribbled down his prediction for Thursday’s paper on Wednesday afternoon, placed it inside two envelopes and then locked it away in a metal box.

The box had then been handed over to morning show host Eloise Pretorius. “I kept it with me all day, and even slept with it under my pillow,” she said.

Soffer has been performing magic tricks on Smile 90.4FM for the whole week, ranging from simple card reveals to levitating office supplies.

The prediction was his grand finale, but it didn’t seem to go as planned.

When he started to unlock the box, roping in a volunteer to tear open the envelopes, there was noth- ing inside.

“Maybe it’s fallen out,” he suggested, dropping a rolled-up piece of paper on the ground.

After unfurling it, he revealed that the Cape Argus’s headline was scribbled on it.

“Guptas are my friends,” he read out, the correct headline.

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