ENTREPRENEURS Craig Murray and Andreas Botha have created an app, RentMyBay, which aims to make parking in the CBD more accessible and affordable. Picture: Supplied
Cape Town - Finding a parking bay in Cape Town can be a nightmare, which is why two innovative entrepreneurs have come up with a solution - an app called RentMyBay.

Craig Murray and Andreas Botha conducted three months of research on the app before commencing development in February last year.

Murray said the app has two components. “As a host, you can list any parking space and specify its pricing, availability, minimum stay and percentage at which the cost should increase annually.

Once a tenant reserves the bay we will request the funds in advance every month to ensure that you will always get paid.

“As a parker you can search for a bay. There are two search options, a basic one which is a quick way to find a parking space or an advanced one where you can specify exactly what you are looking for by specifying the days and times.

"Once you have found a parking space, you will be requested to pay the initial amount for the first month,” said Murray.

Some of the spaces include actual parking bays, driveways or backyard spaces which are useful when there is limited space for parking in a suburb.

Vacant school grounds could also be utilised to generate extra income for the schools involved.

“There is no single place that you can just find a parking and its extremely expensive, especially in the CBD. There are a lot of people in apartment blocks that travel to work out of the CBD daily, leaving their parking empty, and I thought it would be great if they could rent out their empty space during office hours at a reduced cost,” said Murray.

Murray explains that RentMyBay would be benefit those who worked and lived within the CBD because it was extremely difficult to find parking.

With the app, he aimed to help curb the parking pain. “The public can earn extra income if they have an unused or partially used parking bay by listing it on the site. They can also now find parking more easily and possibly at a lower price than what they currently pay,” said Murray.

They plan on launching their app soon. For more information on the online parking rental app, see www.rentmybay.co.za


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