The service will be rolled out in Cape Town, and then make an appearance in Johannesburg. Picture:
Cape Town - A new ride-hailing app called ChaufHer, specifically designed for women and children, is set to be launched in Cape Town in November.

According to PJ Robertson, spokesperson for tech start-up ChaufHer, the company has been working on the app for a little over a year.

“The app is in the final stages of testing. We are first launching in Cape Town and then we will roll out to Johannesburg and Durban in the new year,” she said.

Robertson said the aim of the app was female-centred safety.

“The aim of the app is twofold:

“For our passengers, we are aiming to provide a safe means of transportation for women and children, where a female driver picks you up and drops you off; this speaks directly to the instances of gender-based violence so prevalent in our country,” she said.

“For our drivers, we want to give women a way to earn money safely, securely and on their own terms.”

The app - conceptualised by ChaufHer and built by their technology partners, Vulcan Labs - will be available for both Android and iOS operating systems when it launches.

While the app connects women drivers to women passengers in a similar way to existing e-hailing services through a simple push of a button, it will also have custom-made services catering to women.

“We are building a one time PIN system into the app and are working with expert partners to integrate SOS (panic button) features into it as well.

There will also be 24/7 support and third-party notifications on the app; every aspect of ChaufHer has been created with safety in mind,” said Robertson.


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