MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Heart FM changed the lives of people in more than 26 communities in need during its annual #16DaysForYouth campaign. Picture: Heart FM
Cape Town - Youth Day marked the end of the road for Heart FM’s #16DaysForYouth initiative.

The crew approached the day with great zeal, compassion and energy as they trailblazed across the Western Cape.

The day’s mission was to spread love and reach marginalised communities and support them. The first stop was Paarl, home of Tannie Magda, a woman whose love and compassion has seen to the feeding of thousands.

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Tears threatened to spill for all present when the journey chanced upon Kat se Gat, a farm in Wellington, where families and little children are living in absolute squalor.

They were clothed, provided fresh water, a medical kit and assured that they had enough supplies to last them a while.

Although a small gesture at that moment, it at least provides comfort of knowing that their needs would be catered for, however briefly.

Poverty and hardship became the pervasive theme as Heart FM’s crews travelled to Simondium, Klapmuts and Kylemore. They were met with enthusiasm and the glimmer of hope that there are people who care about the plight of Bolanders.

“#16DaysForYouth is an initiative that is based on telling the stories of the communities in the Western Cape. The ethos of the initiative is not to gain or garner exposure or to brag about the good things done in the communities by a radio station.

“Rather that there is a need out in these communities and we have a microphone that has access to numbers and an audience that can be mobilised, thus we are able to tell their stories and effect the difference and make a change,” said Heart FM’s programming manager, Denver Apollus.

Managing director for Heart FM Renee Redelinghuys echoed this sentiment and said nothing was more important than empowering communities.

“We’ve seen the impact made in the communities over the last two years and that these projects are not just one-off.

“It is heartening to know that we inspired this change and it is making a difference in the lives of those who need it.”


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