MUSIC FOR MEALS: Khoisan First are aiming to provide 6.7 million children with a hot meal for Nelson Mandela Day with the proceeds from their latest music video, Father of Africa, a tribute to him.
Cape Town - Music band Khoisan First have launched their Nelson Mandela Centenary Campaign, releasing a Madiba-themed music video - all in the name of providing hot meals for disadvantaged children.

The track Father of Africa is dedicated to Mandela’s life struggles and ultimate success in establishing democracy. The song puts a modern twist on the story, using DJ Khalid’s hit song I’m the One as the backing track and original rap lyrics.

The group have set a target of providing 6.7 million children with a hot meal for 100 consecutive days after Nelson Mandela Day.

The number represents the 67 years Mandela spent campaigning for equal human rights across South Africa.

Gerschweyn Matthews, one of the team behind the track, emphasised the importance of making fund-raising relevant and exciting so the public engage with the movement.

“We could have chosen a song more relevant to Mandela, but the modern generation knows DJ Khalid and no one can deny the tune is extremely catchy.”

Asked whether Mandela would approve of the song, Matthews said, “Of course! He would love the message and the help we’re trying to bring.”

Raising money for disadvantaged communities is an issue close to the heart of the Khoisan First team, Matthews said: “Our band is different from many others out there because we write songs about the problems in our communities to give them a voice.”

The track can be viewed by visiting the “Khoisan First” YouTube channel, and downloaded from Just donate an amount of your choice.


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