A drug addict smokes methamphetamine or so-called tik. Picture: Ian Landsberg/African News Agency (ANA) Archives
Cape Town - An 11-year-old Cape Town boy emulating the tik habits of his father illustrates the severity of the drug problem youngsters are grappling with.

The Christelike Afhanklikheidsbediening (CAB), an organisation dealing with drug addiction and abuse, uncovered this incident.

The identity of the boy cannot be disclosed as he is a minor.

CAB councillor Crissie Cloete said substance abuse among young children was increasing.

“Our primary schools are battling. We are inundated with calls from certain primary schools about pupils coming to school under the influence of drugs. Teachers who spoke on condition of anonymity say a lot of the school violence is linked to substance abuse,” Cloete said. 

She said shortly after the organisation heard about the 11-year-old boy, they discovered the father was hooked on drugs and the child was surrounded by other substance abusers in his home daily.

“We don’t know how many other similar incidents take place.

“What we do know is that there is an alarming increase of substance abuse among children,” Cloete said. 


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