Independent Media’s marketing officer Danusha Davids, Cape Argus acting assistant editor Quinton Mtyala, columnist Danny Oosthuizen, editor Aziz Hartley, former editor Gasant Abarder and Independent Media events co-ordinator Diane MacMahon. Ayanda Ndamane African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town - Cape Argus columnist Danny Oosthuizen celebrated his 50th birthday at the weekend.

Oosthuizen, who is the ambassador of the newspaper's Dignity Project, received a special birthday party planned by Independent Media's marketing team.

Editor Aziz Hartley said: “In Danny's own way he has impacted me as an editor of the paper and when one works through Danny's column when he sends it on a Sunday, I make a point of going through it meticulously.

"And in that way I respect what he writes, I always have respect for columnists; I respect him more than others.”

Hartley said Oosthuizen's columns over the last few months about coming to terms with being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer have touched the hearts of readers.

“I can't imagine how horrible it was for Danny and I thank him for taking his readers on a journey with him.

"The readers have been with Danny every step of the way.”

Danny Oosthuizen celebrate his birthday with a Cape Argus team. Picture: Ayanda Ndamane/African News Agency(ANA)
Danny cutting into his birthday cake. Picture: Ayanda Ndamane/African News Agency(ANA)

Oosthuizen said four years later and he still enjoys what he does.

“I have seen a lot of changes within the homeless community. They have started realising that they have the right to be here, they have the right to be heard, that they have a voice.

"But there are still challenges that we face in our everyday lives.

“The Cape Argus has allowed me to show this.”

Oosthuizen was recruited by former Cape Argus live editor Lance Witten and former editor Gasant Abarder to formulate a project that deals with the homeless living on the streets of Cape Town.

His column has become a focal point in the newspaper.

Witten, who was in Kenya at the time, said: “I've seen him have phenomenal days and I've seen him at some of his lowest points, and through it all his genuine spirit and nature shone through.

“Danny continues to inspire me personally, not only because of his journey to date, but for the love and compassion he shows to our fellow humans, notwithstanding his personal circumstances. He is a friend, a colleague, a brother, a great heart and I love him dearly.”

Former Cape Argus editor Gasant Abarder hugging Danny as he celebrates his birthday. Picture: Ayanda Ndamane/African News Agency(ANA)

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