The Kfm morning team spread some festive cheer to one doting father whose only wish this Christmas was to see his two daughters. File picture: Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas/Pexels

Cape Town - The Kfm Mornings team spread some festive cheer to one doting father whose only wish this Christmas was to see his two daughters.

Ashwald had sent in a voice note to the show as part of the station's "Bring The One You Love Home" competition, in partnership with Makro.

"I have two daughters that I haven't seen for three years now, and every year I promise them that I would come to visit but financially I don't have the money because I have to pay my support for the children every month. I can't, I just can't. There is no way I can see them, they live in Alexander Bay.

"My eldest daughter is 6-years-old and my youngest one is turning three in February, and it would be much appreciated if I could see my children."

Ashwald works in Cape Town as a driver to provide for his young daughters. His parents helped raise his daughters and are also yearning to see them after all this time.

He said that his youngest daughter doesn't understand his predicament and "keeps asking: 'When are you coming to visit dada?' and I actually have to lie to them..."

The Kfm Mornings team quickly intervened and let him know that he wouldn't have to lie to his daughters this year, and that his wish to see them would be fulfilled.

Not only will Ashwald be going to visit his daughters Alexander Bay, so will both his parents. They will be going on all expenses paid trip, with accommodation include, and a R20 000 voucher to buy presents and food for the holiday period.

After hearing the heartfelt story, a good Samaritan called in and offered to cover Ashwald's expenses to see his daughters for two Christmas's as well as pay for their school fees and uniforms for 2020.

Listen to the heartwarming story below:

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