Zoé Botha


Naphtaly Machaka

“Anything that goes up affects me and now I’m confused because I don’t have funding (for my studies), so it’s kind of frustrating. Sometimes I feel like I just want to quit and now I have to pay for these extra expenses.”

Camden Ravenscroft

“I drive to university and lift share with people, so the petrol increase affects me quite a lot. It’s my second biggest expense for the month. I live in Muizenberg which is quite far and I lift share to reduce the cost of transport.”

Paul Mazukwana

“This is concerning because it follows the increase of VAT which is already very difficult on consumers, particularly us, the poor, and students. It’s crazy. I do work part-time as well, so there is a bit of travelling that I do, so the prospects of petrol increasing and the fact that we’re already being squeezed very tightly is crazy.”

Edlinn Isaacs

“I pay R50 for MyCiTi and I then have to take a taxi to get here and that’s a one-way trip. I don’t travel every day, but when I do it’s R57 one way and now it’s going to be more. I already worry about finances, so the increase will cause financial problems and I won’t be able to go home as often. How can they increase the price when they don’t increase salaries?”

Zoé Botha

“In the morning the bus tickets are R11 and I think it’s quite pricey, and then a bus from town to Mowbray which is R8.60. It may not sound a lot, but every day the price you pay adds up and the budget is not good.”


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