A woman and her dog overlook Camps Bay beach. Picture Henk Kruger/African News Agency (ANA) Archives.
A woman and her dog overlook Camps Bay beach. Picture Henk Kruger/African News Agency (ANA) Archives.

Capetonians weigh in on whether dogs should be allowed on the beach

By Staff Reporter Time of article published May 2, 2019

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Cape Town - Dog lovers have not reacted kindly after the City of Cape Town emphasised that dogs are banned from all its beaches because of safety concerns and health hazards.

Mayoral committee member for Community Services and Health, Zahid Badroodien, said dogs were not allowed at beaches and signs had been put up by Recreation and Parks Department to inform the public. However, some might go missing due to vandalism or environmental wear and tear.

Badroodien said some signs needed to be replaced once the department was made aware of this. He said dogs and all domestic animals were prohibited at beaches because of hygiene, safety hazard, nuisance and environmental risks.

After this news hit social media, many were quick to respond coming to the defence of their beloved pets, while others pointed out that some dog owners.

Rushdia Omar: There are signs that said on part of Hout Bay beach that dogs are allowed. However access to that part isn't easy to get to without going through the non dog side. Hout Bay beach is one of the safest beaches for walking and allows dogs.

Simone Gibson: There is more of a health hazard with all the flipping pollution on our beaches left there for days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dogs are no health hazard.

Nelly Burrows: But millions of litres of sewerage gets pumped into the sea and that is OK?

Grant Kipling: So can we no longer take our dog to the beach????

Diana Van Der Horst: And should be banned in retail stores as well except for the blind customers...

Bradley Babie Arendse: Only sheeps allowed on beaches.

Donna Tazna Julius: What next you can't fart on the beach?

Angela Eldon: So sad, Some of us have our dogs on leads and bring doggy bags for poo (and even pick up others that we see).

Desireé Dedricks: Also not all dog owners pick up their pets' poop. Whose responsibility is it to clean up after your furry children?

Kathleen Mc Nulty: Unfortunately the mess, littering and carbon footprint humans leave and the danger they pose to others and the environment is greater than any issues dogs might bring. People are leaving beaches in a mess, not the dogs.

Devon de Villiers: I prefer my beach’s peopleless.

Natalie Fine: What on earth are people so scared about? I’ve swam next to human poo! What harm can a dog do? Get with the (international) program SA!

Deborah Lee Christopher: So many dog owners are really selfish!! Think they own the world and their dog is perfect!!

Sue Harrison Owen: What a load of nonsense! The polluted sea water is much more of a hazard to everyone than the occasional dog poo!

Amy Victory Murray: It was bound to happen. So many irresponsible people who don't obey leash laws and clean up after their dogs. 
Sad because now the responsible owners and their dogs don't get to enjoy the beaches

Fadwa Jansen: I saw a some people not pick up poop even though the signs are clear poop and scoop at Muizenberg beach. I support this position. If you can't be responsible dog owners then your rights will be taken away. Shame the old lady getting hurt on Hout Bay unacceptable.

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