City probe metro police in taxi driver assault video

City officials assaulting taxi driver. Picture: screengrab

City officials assaulting taxi driver. Picture: screengrab

Published Jun 3, 2024


Cape Town - Three Cape Town metro police officials seen in viral video assaulting a taxi driver have been placed on administrative duties pending investigation.

This comes after three City officials were captured on video assaulting and swearing at a taxi driver in Lower Crossroads, Nyanga, on Thursday.

In the video, the two male and one female metro police officer can be seen throwing punches and swearing at the driver at the same time.

Narrating the incident, 47-year-old Amos Nkohla said the officials followed him when he decided not to stop at Lower Crossroads because taxi drivers fell victim to robbery by criminals.

“One thing that the traffic officials or metro police don’t understand is that we are not safe because criminals rob us more, especially on those roads in Nyanga. These criminals know that as taxi drivers, we are always carrying money.

“These officials noticed that I didn't stop at that section; they came and spoke to me. After that, I continued with my journey and overtook their vehicle at high speed. They became angry and asked why I was driving at high speed.

“They started to point their guns and assault me, asking for my driver's licence.They didn't even give me enough chances to look for that licence because they were swearing and beating me up,” Nkohla said.

Nkohla added that other taxi operators advised him to go and open the case of assault against the officials.

Cape Amalgamated Taxi Association (Cata) spokesperson Nkululeko Sityebi said they are not happy about the assault of their member and believe that the City officials could have handled the matter better.

“Two weeks ago, there was also a video that was trending where one taxi driver was assaulted by traffic police. The same applies to the recent video trending. It has become the norm for us as taxi drivers to have other members abused by officials.

"Yes, driver’s licences do get lost in the sector we work in; however, I don't think it is the right thing to assault someone for breaking the law; if a driver breaks the law, take them to jail or issue a fine,” Sityebi said.

Metro Police Department spokesperson Ruth Solomons said, “The Metro Police Department is aware of the video and views the matter in a very serious light.”

Solomons said three staff members have been placed on administrative duty while the matter is under investigation.

“Should the investigation determine that further action is required, this will be done in terms of City policies and processes,” she said.

Two weeks ago, the Taxi Enforcement Unit (TEU) was attacked as they tried to arrest taxi drivers in Milnerton after a taxi driver was spotted obstructing the road.

Safety and Security boss JP Smith said, when the officers tried to give him a fine, the driver became aggressive.

“They called for backup and tried to arrest him. A second taxi pulled up, he resisted arrest, and they both assaulted the officers.

“Backup arrived, they managed to cuff the first, but then he still resisted and tried to break loose, refusing to get in the vehicle.

“The suspects were detained at Milnerton SAPS on a number of charges including reckless and negligent driving, assault on a peace officer, and resisting arrest,” Smith said.

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