SHINING ON: Members of the International Workers Bible Academy of the World Mission Society Church of God take to the streets. Picture: Jason Boud
Cape Town - The International Workers Bible Academy (IWBA) volunteers had a clean-up campaign in the Cape Town CBD on Sunday to create awareness of a safe working environment.

One of the organisers, Kusile Kewana, said the aim was to inspire altruisim through volunteer activities. “Clean-up must be a continuous thing. We cannot stop, because people are continuously littering. Our goal is to create a safe working environment and to raise awareness about environmental issues like climate change, and to change people’s mindsets about how they view their surroundings.”

The IWBA is a volunteer group of the World Mission Society Church of God and is composed of young adults. It started in South Korea.

About 70 volunteers were divided into groups and sent to their working areas in Orange Street, Hope Street, Gardens.They carried banners and sang about the work they were doing. Most volunteers were workers or university students.

Sinovuyo Lusizi, 23, a volunteer, said they were sharing love and putting teachings into practice through a clean environment.

“Today we are cleaning gardens and shining the glory of the Lord to the world. We work with municipalities and they pointed us here.”[email protected]

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