Ebrahim Rasool
Cape Town - The ANC in the Western Cape has admitted losing support in coloured communities soon after former premier Ebrahim Rasool was recalled in 2005 and replaced by a black leadership which entrenched factionalism.

This was the conclusion Khaya Magaxa, acting provincial chairperson, made in his report into the current state of affairs in the party.

He said Rasool was at a provincial conference of the ANC which was extremely divided.

“A new leadership emerged charged with uniting the ANC Instead the opposite became the order of the day. The leadership of the ANC continued with its fight against the ANC in government, with consistent recalling of comrades who were known to be leading in delivery, including Rasool,” he said.

Magaxa said the removal of Rasool backfired severely in the 2009 general election when the ANC mandate was reduced nationally to 65.90% and 31% in the Western Cape. “Coloured people by and large interpreted the removal of Rasool as a sign of rejection by the ANC. Thus, despite the ANC's fight in 2014, we still went down,” he said.

Magaxa said serious questions needed to be asked from regional leaders, and if necessary the national leaders should intervene.

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