CALM: Yagyah Robyn testifies at the Cape High Court
Cape Town - The man on trial for the murder and rape of an Ocean View teen of 14 said his semen was planted in the victim by the investigating officer and his former childhood friend.

On Wednesday, Yagyah Robyn, told the Western Cape High Court he had been framed for the rape and murder of Camron Britz.

She went missing in the early hours of July 2, last year. Her body was found in a field near Slangkop Street in Ocean View.

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It is the State’s case that the accused had called the victim, who was a relative, under the pretence that her father was calling her. The accused was linked to the case by DNA and seminal fluid found on the victim.

Robyn denies committing the murder. He said he was home the entire night.

“I don’t know why they would work together to frame me. Tino Woodward (childhood friend) and I were both tested for DNA. He was released and I wasn’t. I am not sure how they would have been able to extract my semen and plant it on the victim - but they did.

Robyn said investigating officer, Moeketsi Raphala, was a corrupt officer working with the Junky Funky gang; Woodward would at times hang around with the gang. He was unable to explain why they would target him. “ Tino and I used to be friends. I distanced myself from him after my parents became suspicious that when I was with him I smoked tik.

Camron Britz, 14 died from strangulation. Picture: Supplied

“I don’t know Sergeant Raphala and have never met him before the incident.

State Prosecutor Lizel Herbst said several witnesses saw Robyn with the teen. “So are these witnesses also working with your alleged framers?” Robyn said he was not “qualified” to answer. The bite mark on his hand was “from a fall while skateboarding and not a scuffle with the victim”. In her testimony, Robyn’s mother, Moeneeba Robyn, provided an alibi for her son. He came in before midnight and never left the house again, she said.

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