HIGH SPIRITS: One of the ecstatic teams to cross the finish line at the Cape Town Cycle Tour’s wheelchair event this past Sunday.
Cape Town - The Cape Town Cycle Tour is for all people willing to take part, including the disabled.

This was evident on Sunday when about 80 people with disabilities participated in the tour’s pilot event - a wheelchair route of almost 3km around the Cape Town Stadium.


The occasion was an opportunity for participants to raise funds for the Cape Town Association for Physically Disabled.

Rotary Club of Claremont president Liz Rose said: “We are thrilled to support the Cape Town Association for Physically Disabled through this event, helping them to help people with disabilities to achieve true independence and inclusion in society.”

She and other volunteers from her club and others will provide support at the main race on Sunday.

The majority of the participants only met their team on the day, creating a fantastic opportunity for interaction while they decorated the wheelchairs under the theme ‘Bling Your Ride’, she said.

Rose, together with fellow volunteers from the Rotary Club of Claremont, will be hard at work this coming Sunday, when the main event takes place.

About 35 000 cyclists will depart from the start point on the Grand Parade and take on a ride around the peninsula. The Rotarians will manage the refreshment stations, marshalling duties, communications and sweep operations amongst other logistics, in a bid to raise funds for the social outreach projects they support.

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