GROWING MEMORIES: Director of Randall M Februarie foundation Celeste Februarie at the annual memorial ride in 
honour of her late husband, cyclist Randal Februarie, in Killarney. Picture: Ayanda Ndamane/African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town - Hundreds of cycling enthusiasts came out for the annual Randall M Februarie Foundation Memorial Race on Sunday in memory of the charity’s namesake who died in a hit-and-run incident.

Randall was killed by a police officer driving under the influence of alcohol on July 31, 2016, during a routine morning cycle. Two years on, Randall’s widow, Celeste Februarie, and their three young children are striving to keep his memory alive through the sport which was closest to his heart.

Celeste, also the main organiser of the Memorial Race, explained the profound impact the event had on her family:

“At this time of year it would be easy for us to just sit and cry in a corner, but we would much rather remember him in a positive light. He loved cycling and we really enjoy hosting the event in his memory.”

Sunday’s race doubled as a Western Province League meet, attracting over 700 competitors from a range of age categories.

Hosting over 2000 people in the course of the day, Celeste said the event had benefited hugely from an increase in funding.

With 350 participants competing last year, the meet has doubled in size - a considerable achievement for a foundation less than two years old.

As well as the Memorial Race, Celeste devotes her time to locals in need. She works with local schools and single mums from the area, and explained that her personal experiences gave her a unique perspective on certain aspects of life.

“As a single mum, I can really relate to a lot of difficulties facing these women and understand what they must be going through.”

The family are also campaigning to raise awareness of the difficulties cyclists experience on the road.

With cycle lanes not always available on roads, Celeste is encouraging drivers to consider cyclists when on the road.

“We need drivers to look out for cyclists and always remember that they use the roads too.”


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