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Dad sacrifices more than just a kidney for his daughter

By Thembela Mgudlwa Time of article published Oct 13, 2017

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Cape Town - Abdullah Parker, 67, will donate a kidney to his youngest daughter, Amina Parker, to help ease the pain she is enduring.

Unable to cope, Amina consulted her doctor, who performed the necessary tests, confirming she suffered kidney failure.

She was diagnosed with stage five renal failure a year ago.

The energetic 24 year old poured her heart out to the family, who were there to assist her in any way they could.

Amina said it was a devastating moment for her and her family as she had no knowledge about the disease.  

"My family is my pillar of strength and it has been a tough experience for me. I still want to do a lot of things in my life. As I want to finish my master's and travel the world, my dad has given me a lot. I am forever grateful for all."  

Amina never lost hope of finding a donor. 

After her family consulted the doctor and were tested, only her father was a match.

But he had to lose weight for the procedure to be carried out.

"When I received the news that my girl was not well, I was still in shock and devastated as she was very young. I learnt at the hospital that I was a match and I took it with in my heart that I will lose 23kg, be ready for the procedure (on November 7) to give my daughter a kidney."

Abdullah was not going to sit down and let his daughter suffer; he started running seriously with the Itheko running club in order to lose weight.

“I have been exercising and running to lose weight in preparation for surgery. Even after my recovery I will continue eating healthy and exercise. As a father, I am forever grateful that I can donate to her, as sometimes you have to wait for years for a donor."

Amina has started a blog, detailing her journey and raising awareness about kidney failure.

“I struggled to find real-life stories from youngsters when I was diagnosed. The blog helps everyone who wants to know about what I am going through.” 

You can read her blog here.

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