Dad upset after violent brawl at school goes viral

VIDEOS of a boy being assaulted outside a school by other learners and where a gunshot was fired have gone viral. Frame screen grabbed

VIDEOS of a boy being assaulted outside a school by other learners and where a gunshot was fired have gone viral. Frame screen grabbed

Published Mar 11, 2024


Cape Town - A father has voiced his concern over safety at schools after videos showing an assault on his son outside Plumstead High School went viral on social media.

In the videos, a violent brawl between two learners is captured, which escalates as several learners then attack and hit one of the learners, Ricardo Theunissen’s 15-year-old teenager.

An unknown man is also seen firing a shot in the air as he tries to stop the fight.

Theunissen said he was shocked to learn about the assault.

Ricardo Theunissen said he was shocked to learn that learners attacked his son. Picture:Supplied

He said when he arrived at the school to pick up pupils, learners informed him that his son had been in a fight.

“I don’t know if that was the vice-principal standing there but I went for him and told him he was standing there while five grade 12 learners were on top of my son.”

Theunissen said shortly after the incident, both him and his son went into an office with two of the boys alleged to be involved in the fight and was told a meeting would follow.

“The school advised us that they were going to have an internal meeting and call us as parents with the kids,” Theunissen said.

“Seeing your child cry over something you couldn’t prevent or protect them. It breaks you in half.”

Western Cape Education Department spokesperson Millicent Merton confirmed the physical altercation between a grade 9 and grade 12 learner started during the break, and escalated after school while the younger learner waited to be driven home.

“He was forcibly removed from the taxi by the grade 12 boy. This took place outside the school premises.

“At the same time an individual unknown to the school inserted himself into this second altercation between the learners and then fled,” she said.

Western Cape Education Department (WCED) spokesperson, Millicent Merton, confirms they are aware of the incident but says action has been taken against the attackers. Picture supplied

Merton said the deputy principal addressed the matter with the learners and informed their parents that disciplinary steps would be taken against all parties concerned.

Theunissen said they were still awaiting a meeting with the school.

He said they also wanted to lodge a criminal complaint at the Grassy Park police station, but struggled after no one assisted him.

“My wife went to the police station that same evening and was told that the school must handle that,” he said.

Police spokesperson, Joseph Swartbooi, encouraged the family to make an appointment with the relevant station commander to discuss their grievances.