SPEAKING OUT: UCT’s Future Water Institute presented an open lecture on Cape Town’s water crisis before Day Zero by Dr Kevin Winter. Picture: David Ritchie/African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town - Dr Kevin Winter of UCT’S Future Water Institute says he is happy the City of Cape Town’s plans for desalination are going slowly because it’s too expensive.

Winter hosted a water crisis talk at the university on Monday to delve into the City’s Day Zero plans.

“I would prefer for us to test our oceans so that we can learn how they function and how to deal with the pollution in them. The dirty water that’s coming in has huge affects on osmosis,” Winter said.

The university’s Future Water Institute includes various faculties that are addressing the water crisis. Winter is also chairperson of the UCT Water Task Team set up last year to address and manage the impact of the water crisis on UCT. It has developed a UCT water contingency plan that is being discussed, implemented and improved all the time.

“There are other things that can get us through Day Zero, but desalination at this stage is not really crucial,” Winter said.

Students mainly asked questions about what would happen when the taps ran dry.

“The concept of Day Zero is a good management tool.

“The City has used it as a management tool and has got people very fearful,” Winter said.

Meanwhile, Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning MEC Anton Bredell said that the province continued to manage the ongoing water crisis with the goal of avoiding any municipality, including the City of Cape Town, running out of water.

“We remain optimistic going forward,” he said.

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