Jeremiah Ruiters
Cape Town - The injuries to the penis and anus of 18-month-old Jeremiah Ruiters were caused by blunt force trauma.

This evidence, revealed on Monday in the Western Cape High Court, is part of a post-mortem report explained in detail by pathologist Dr Marna du Plessis. She testified in the trial of Ameerudien Peters, 26, who is facing charges of rape and murder while the boy’s mother, Abigail Ruiters, is on trial for child neglect.

According to the report the toddler died on June 12, 2017, as a result of blunt force trauma to his spine, a cracked skull, broken ribs, injuries to his internal organs and bite marks all over his body.

Judge Monde Samela twice had to adjourn the proceedings when the mother sobbed uncontrollably while listening to the evidence presented by Du Plessis.

Ruiters’s legal representative, Yasmin Rajab, told the court that she had explained to her client the evidence was extremely hurtful.

Du Plessis said: “The left side of the penis had a white and pink area which is indicative to scarring and indicates of previous wound caused by blunt force trauma.

Ameerudien Peters, 26
Abigail Ruiters

Prosecutor Maria Marshall then asked the pathologist to describe the nature of the injuries to the anus, whether any of the injuries were caused by nappy rash and the excruciating pain the toddler might have experienced.

“There were multiple abrasions around this area. There were also healed abrasions

“It would have been painful for the child to stool. These injuries were not caused by constipation and there was no evidence of nappy rash.”

The trial continues.


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