Rape suspects appeared in court. Picture: File photo: African News Agency (ANA).
Cape Town - The family of a Mitchells Plain boy, who was gang-raped by four men, says the teen was tortured so badly that he couldn’t walk or sit for weeks.

His distressed mother says it’s been a nightmare for the family and says that her son has been damaged for life.

“He could not sit for weeks, they burnt papers between his toes,” the mother tells the Daily Voice.

“He told me that they said they wanted to have a little fun with him.”

She also confirmed her son is 18 and not 14 as previously stated.

This as the bail application for the four men accused of raping the Lentegeur teen was postponed at the Mitchells Plain Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday as the defence awaits details still missing from their bail profiles.

Family members and supporters of the alleged rapists packed the courtroom, standing beside the relatives of the victim.

It is alleged that on Tuesday, 11 June, five men had grabbed the teen and dragged him into a hokkie (shack) at the back of one of their homes, where he was drugged and assaulted, a glass bottle was shoved up his anus and he was raped by all the men.

He was threatened with a knife and gun, but managed to escape.

The boy immediately told his family, who took him to the police.

The teen said one of the men had also filmed his ordeal.

Ashley Titus, Yasien Sedick, Rameez Martin and Joshua Booysen were arrested at their respective homes as the teen pointed them out to the police along with his mother.

He was able to identify all of the accused and the knife they used to threaten him.

He also showed police where the attack took place, and cops also found the glass bottle used to sexually assault him.

The four accused are charged with kidnapping, rape and assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm.

The boy’s mother says her child still has difficulty walking, bending and sitting.

“He can’t put shoes on his feet. He can just shuffle slowly,” the heartbroken woman says.

“I am horrified at these men. They hurt my child and thought nothing of what they did to him.”

She says her son is getting counselling but it will be a long road to recovery, physically, mentally and emotionally.

“I’m here for my son and to see that the people who did this to him are punished.”

The family has also asked for support from the community as they want to petition for bail to be denied.

The matter was postponed to 24 July.


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