Goodwood resident, business owner and GOOD candidate councillor for ward 27 Gavin Joachims.
Goodwood resident, business owner and GOOD candidate councillor for ward 27 Gavin Joachims.

GOOD councillor candidate aims to address decay of Goodwood

By Kristin Engel Time of article published Oct 14, 2021

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Cape Town - With an extensive education and background in social science and urban development, Goodwood resident of over 10 years Gavin Joachims hopes to do something about the decay that his neighbourhood has descended into over the last five years.

Joachims, a former bookstore owner who now owns a publishing company, said potholes in every street, frequent flooding and lighting issues is what prompted him to stand as GOOD party candidate for ward 27.

“I believe if an area is left to decay it breeds a myriad of social ills. This is what is currently happening in Goodwood. In ward 27, our roads and green spaces have been neglected; our parks, pavements and verges are overgrown and there are potholes in every street.

“Gang markings have gone up – almost unnoticed – on walls in our area. Our streets are not well lit, and there are numerous streets where the same street lights go out every couple of weeks,” said Joachims.

Joachims said the issue was not that residents did not log complaints, but these complaints are not attended to.

He said he aimed to approach the above issues through listening, after having learned that solutions to many societal problems were often presented by people who lived and worked in areas themselves.

“I have a vested interest here. I live here. I have the same concerns as everyone living in Goodwood. My children are still young and I want them to be able to ride their bikes in the road and to play in the park. I want them to have the freedom to walk to the shop without feeling threatened or scared,” said Joachims.

During the time Joachims owned a bookstore in Goodwood he made the space available for the development of children and youth through art, music and writing which was assisted by longtime Goodwood resident and after-care facility owner Sharon Crowie.

“Gavin is always friendly, willing to help and an example to our youth. We definitely need more people to work with our young people,” said Crowie.

In his exploration of Goodwood, through both living, working and in engaging with others, Joachims developed a five-year plan to nurture a sense of pride in Goodwood through rekindling art, culture, sports and business, strengthening security, and being responsive to the community, which people can access by emailing [email protected] or contacting 060 341 4091.

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