Paint socks removed from kids in Kensington. Picture: City of Cape Town/Supplied
Cape Town - Cape children have taken to creating macabre traditions for this year's Guy Fawkes activities. 

Cape Law Enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason revealed that in Lavender Hill, children have taken to not only stoning vehicles with stockings filled with paint, but that they also used  condoms filled with paint and faeces to pelt at cars. When law enforcement vehicles approached  the youngsters would flee the scene, Dyason said

He added that similar problems occurred in Grassy Park, Lotus River and Parkwood.

Cape youngsters have taken to creating macabre traditions for this year's Guy Fawkes activities. Picture: City of Cape Town/Supplied
Items taken from youngsters in Lavender Hill. They use it as part of a twisted take on Guy Fawkes celebrations to assault people, said Wayne Dyason. Picture: City of Cape Town/Supplied
Earlier this morning, the City’s enforcement staff said it would try to cover as many of the bases for Guy Fawkes.

"Experience has shown us that the illegal setting off of fireworks is but one of the challenges on this day in Cape Town. We’ve also seen a continuing trend of marauding gangs targeting people in what’s known as a macabre tradition of ‘smearing’. This practice also has a sinister undertone as its used as a cover for assaults and muggings, if not worse," said Mayco member for Safety and Security, and Social Services JP Smith.

"The City implores parents to keep their children indoors as far as possible; to not allow the handling of fireworks by children and to ensure that any acts of fireworks being set off, are done at one of the 11 designated sites we demarcated for this purpose."


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