"I’m shocked by the so-called findings of the Bowmans Report and reject their conclusions," Herron said in a statement.
Cape Town - Mayco Member for Transport and Urban Development, Brett Herron has joined mayor Patricia De Lille in slamming the findings of the Bowman Gilfillian's report.

The report by Bowman Gilfillian has recommended that De Lille, mayoral committee member for transport, Brett Herron, and former executive director Melissa Whitehead be criminally be charged.

Bowman Gilfillian probed allegations that Ebrahim had been prevented by De Lille on reporting to council allegations of improper conduct by suspended transport commissioner Whitehead.

DA metro chairperson and councillor Grant Twigg said council adopted the documents and that disciplinary and criminal investigations be instituted against the others.

"I’m shocked by the so-called findings of the Bowmans Report and reject their conclusions," Herron said in a statement.

"Bowman Gilfillan, attorneys, were appointed to conduct an investigation into a number of alleged irregularities within the City of Cape Town.  Those alleged irregularities included the process surrounding the procurement of electric buses.

"Inexplicably, there are two conflicting Bowmans reports. Only one of them attempts to implicate me in wrong doing – and not with direct or prima facie evidence, as one would expect from an investigation conducted by a lawyer, but based on nothing. 

"The one Bowmans report states that my involvement in the procurement process “has not been sufficiently established”.  This is a flagrant misrepresentation of the indisputable facts contained in their own report, and is therefore a false conclusion as the report contains no allegation, no prima facie evidence, no direct evidence, no inference nor any suggestion by any person or document that I was involved in the procurement process at all."

Herron added that the conclusion that something corrupt happened, or that he influenced the procurement process was poorly constructed, and that he found it difficult to believe it was properly considered by a legally qualified person before being presented.

"I wish to state categorically that I have nothing to hide and that my conduct at all times has been beyond reproach," he said.

"I have handed the report to my lawyers and I intend to take whatever steps are deemed necessary to clear my good name. I shall pursue a claim for damages against those who have sought to unlawfully and without just cause insult and defame me and damage my reputation."

De Lille previously said in respect of the Bowman Gilfillian investigation, she committed to give her full co-operation.

“I have done so whenever it was my turn to submit responses. I have also raised my concerns about factual errors in a previous Bowmans report tabled in this Council in January this year,” she said.

“I have been fighting corruption for many years and I will not allow my good name to be smeared. I will fight for my rights and I will continue doing so to clear my name.”


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