Mock up of the development for the area. Picture: Supplied
Mock up of the development for the area. Picture: Supplied

Huge residential development poses 'threat’ to charm of Llandudno

By Marvin Charles Time of article published Jan 3, 2020

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Cape Town – A huge residential development close to the seaside in Llandudno has residents of the upmarket enclave up in arms and now they have started a campaign to block its construction.

Kiki Smith, a member of the Llandudno Property Owners and Residents, said: “The Llandudno Ratepayer Organisation, the Llandudno Civic Association (LCA), has submitted an objection to the proposed development.

“Whilst the LCA does support the City’s policy of densification, it should be borne in mind that Llandudno falls outside of the areas within Cape Town earmarked for densification, and hence this policy cannot be used to justify the proposed development.

“We further believe that the proposed development is out of character for a single residential suburb,” said Smith.

What first unleashed the ire of residents was that a 60-year-old building was demolished recently to make way for the residential development.

According to the residents, the development would affect the look and feel of the area and have a massive impact on traffic.

Some residents have recently started a petition to stop the development from going ahead and so far about 1127 locals have signed it.

In the petition, the residents said: “Llandudno is a unique residential suburb of Cape Town on the Atlantic seaboard of the Cape Peninsula.

“There are no street lights, shops or commercial activities here.

“It is a peaceful place to live where stars can still be seen at night, where kids can walk to and from the beach from their homes and dogs can roam freely.

“The City of Cape Town is trying to ‘densify’ the suburb and are allowing large-scale developments that will have a very negative impact on the charm of this most beautiful historic valley.

“We do not want to become Bantry Bay or Clifton.

“Llandudno is one of the Cape’s most naturally diverse beach suburbs, surrounded by large granite boulders and overlooked by mountains.”

Vacant land where the development will be built. Picture: JAMES MAC/Supplied

The petition continued: “Our valley is home to all kinds of fauna and flora that will be driven away by such development schemes.

“Many homes in the valley are historic and have been handed down through generations. Residents here are good folk who love the outdoors and their gardens and their incredible sunset views. If developments like the one proposed become the norm in the ‘old Llandudno’, then this charm will be lost forever.”

Smith said: “The City has failed to take cognisance of the Constitutional Court case in the Da Cruz decision, which compels the City not to approve a development if it would detract in value from neighbouring property values, which we believe is the case.”

A resident who lives next door to the proposed development, James Mac said: “We were not given an opportunity to object, as the first time we heard the plans were already approved

“We did, however, encourage residents to mail the City and provide the names of everyone in the petition. It’s been very secretive.”

Spatial planning and environment mayoral committee member Marian Nieuwoudt said she was aware of the concerns. “The building plan for the development on erf 10058 in Llandudno was approved on April 24, 2019. 

"The building plan for the adjoining property, erf 10059, was approved on October 4. It’s important to note that the majority of erven in Llandudno are zoned single residential, which require compliance with the Development Management Scheme, title deed restrictions as well as adhering to the Local Area Overlay requirements.”

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