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'I can't understand why this happened' say owners after rottweiler, boerboel attack

By Sukaina Ishmail Time of article published Jun 30, 2020

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Cape Town - Two dog owners have been left maimed and bed-ridden after their pets attacked them.

Similar dog incidents have been occurring among a number of people across Cape Town which has raised concern among pet owners. Two dog owners give insight into how they were caught up in a fight to their own defence when their dogs had a sudden change in mood, causing them to get aggressive with them. 

G-Force Security owner Aneez Gierdien said: “I was playing ball with my rottweiler. As I said ‘good boy’ and rubbed him on the head, he turned around and came for my neck. As I guarded it with my right arm, he bit a chunk out.”

Gierdien said the second attempt of his dog was targeted towards the neck again. As he protected himself with the left arm, the dog bit the arm again. He was left bleeding profusely and the ER paramedics who came to his aid said the case was severe and needed to be attended to by a plastic surgeon.

“Days later of follow ups and visits to the surgeon, they said there were lots of dog bites,” he said.

Zayaan Jakoet from Ruyterwacht, who owns a boerboel, added: “As I extended my hand to pat him on the head, he grabbed my hand. I managed to free it and that’s when he took my left arm. My daughter tried to push him off me but he took me down to the ground.

The boerboel then bit his owner several more times when she finally got up from the ground and turned her back on him for a brief moment.

“He had no reason to attack me. There was no 'off behaviour' before the attack and I can't understand why this happened. Since the attack I’ve heard of at least five other similar incidents.”

Animal Welfare Society spokesperson Allan Perrins said: “Owners should be wary about how they show their affection, e.g, don’t bend down and kiss the dog and don’t stare the dog down as this may trigger an adverse reaction.

"Dogs are fight, not flight, animals and unlike humans are indifferent,” he added.


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