DOCK: Randy Tango pleaded guilty to rape and murder. Picture: Noor Slamdien
Cape Town - Alleged serial rapist Randy Tango said he killed Stacha Arendse, 11, to avoid going to jail for her rape, the Western Cape High Court heard.

Tango made the submission in his plea explanation on Tuesday. He is charged with six counts of rape and one of murder. He pleaded not guilty to four rape charges, including the rape of a 14-year-old minor, at the time of the incidents.

He only pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of Stacha.

Tango admits to calling Stacha to his home and closing the door behind her. He recalls her begging him not to hurt her.

Defence council advocate Koos Smit read out the plea. “The complainant asked him to stop, but he wouldn’t. She said she was going to tell her mother to which he reacted by saying he is not going to jail.

“He strangled her until she was dead,” Smit read.

Tango covered the body in a sheet and put it in a dustbin before dumping it at the Tafelsig soccer field.

The state called one of Tango’s victims who subsequent to the rape fell pregnant.

The victim, now 23, was raped by Tango three times. She fell pregnant after the second incident which occurred a few weeks after the first.

Detailing the first incident, in November 2009, the victim said she and a friend were smoking in Matroosberg when Tango invited them to smoke at his home.

She said she was close friends with Tango’s sister and saw no problem.

On arrival they found that Tango was with friends. The victim said while her friend was distracted by Tango’s friends, Tango suggested they smoke in his room.

“He started touching me; my bums and breasts. I told him to stop and get his hands off me. He gripped me with his arms around my body. Told me to keep still and stop fighting him.

“He covered my mouth and started strangling me. He took off my panty and raped me,” she said.

She said she was scared. Tango had threatened that if she spoke about the rape he would tell people they are in a relationship.

“After he was done. He went out to his friends and bragged that he just had sex with me. I went home to clean myself.”

The victim said in the second rape she felt defeated. “I just lay there. I didn’t fight him. I knew he would overpower me.”

She told her sister, but only told her parents five months later when rumours circulated that she was in a relationship with Tango.

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