A man prepares a cigarette mixed with marijuana. Picture: Amir Cohen/Reuters.
A man prepares a cigarette mixed with marijuana. Picture: Amir Cohen/Reuters.

Ire over news of cannabis test that will help traffic cops detect if you're high

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Sep 9, 2019

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Cape Town - South Africans have not reacted kindly to the news of a quick-result saliva test for dagga that could tell employers if you’re stoned at work or a traffic officer if you’re driving while high.

On Saturday, the Weekend Argus reported that The Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works would look at getting the saliva tests approved for potential use for testing driver impairment at roadblocks, similar to a breathalyser.

Until now, there has been no widely available test to tell if a person is under the influence of dagga. The urine test that is widely used can only indicate whether the person has taken dagga any time within the past month - not whether they are under the influence.

This reveal has not gone over lightly with people taking to social media to share their thoughts.

Jeremy David Acton: “This is not acceptable if a person has not been stopped for REAL negligence, recklessness or dangerous driving. Routine testing for THC levels is just more fascism. UNTIL I mess up, my blood Cannabis level is my private business. I also claim the right to use Cannabis in my car, as it is a PRIVATE SPACE.

“Cannabis use in driving is already covered by the Road Traffic Safety Act, as it legislates against recklessness negligence and dangerous driving. If I am not being a problem like that, there is no reason to prosecute or even test me.”

O.J. Modikwe: “Police cells are going to be full.”

Ras Nongoloza: “Start with taxi drivers. I am not saying taxi drivers are stoned, I am just saying start with taxi drivers.”

Natasha Prins: “Leave the peaceful stoners and chase the real crime for Pete's sake.”

Yusuf Joe Mohamed: “These idiots also don't realise that each person’s tolerance is different, so you'll get those who have smoked now and in an hour they're completely fine again where with others, their high can last longer. And another question for those implementing this - Will they be testing for different strains? As some would possibly keep you higher for longer amounts of time.”

Shereen Ogle: “Those tests are so efficient and spot on. New Zealand uses them and boy oh boy once any drug is found in your system, you are arrested and your car impounded for 28 days.

Fura Kgosi Gayiza: “So will there be a legal limit like alcohol?”

Leon G Pather: “You legalize it now u wanna catch them... Eish, gonna be an interesting festive season this year.”

Chandra De Buys: “All that spit... Eeeeewwwwhhh.”

Michell Steyn: “Just eat the hot cross buns.”

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