Julian Coetzee.
Cape Town - Many motorists are fed up as another petrol increase took effect last Wednesday, forcing many to tighten their already strained pockets.

The 26 cents a litre increase in the price of 95 octane petrol and 24 cents a litre hike in the diesel price in July will be followed by an expected increase of around 25 cents a litre in August.

Ralda Gie: “It’s a horror story for me. I can’t even think of how the unemployed can survive, because we struggle. Petrol has almost doubled in the past few years. The government needs to assist; something must be done. I have to drive into work because of my age and being a woman, but I cut down on my food and entertainment bill. Life is difficult.”
Ralda Gie

Charles Kieck: “The increases are impacting on me negatively, as there is no disposable income to work with. I already made cuts (in my lifestyle) last year.”

Charles Kieck

Akhona Ntlemeza: “I stopped driving into work earlier this year and began to take public transport to save. I feel pressurised because it’s dangerous in the morning and I have to take the taxi to work now.”

Akhona Ntlemeza
Alec van der Heede: “I think that everyone is feeling the pinch because it’s the petrol coupled with food increases and, as a middle class, the increases you get don’t cover the shortfall that you have to pay.”

Alec van der Heede.

Julian Coetzee: “No one is positive about the inflation. Most of the people I live with are struggling to make ends meet … I always fill up the tank before the petrol goes up.”


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