A group of officers assisted a homeless woman who went into labour near the Mitchells Plain Community Health Centre. Picture: Supplied
Cape Town - The staff at Mitchells Plain Community Health Centre (CHC) have expressed their gratitude towards six law enforcement officers who assisted a homeless woman, who gave birth to a baby girl on a pavement near the healthcare facility.

According to law enforcement officer Sherwin Trichardt, who was on scene at the time, Jasmine Isaacs, 32, who is reportedly originally from Bonteheuwel, was found just outside the day hospital.

“We are school resource officers and work all over the City, and on weekends we work with the ambulances, escorting them in the red zone areas.

"On Saturday morning, at about 7.30am, when we saw Jasmine, we had just come from escorting emergency staff in the area,” said Trichardt.

“My colleagues and I knew there was something wrong with her because she was in a lot of pain and she was not unconscious, but she was covered in blood and could not speak properly.”

Trichardt said that the officers tried to get hold of emergency services, but because they took too long the officers ran into the hospital to get a stretcher for Isaacs.

“She had already given birth, but her umbilical cord was still attached.”

The officers waited outside the day hospital and, after about an hour, they were informed that both the mom and her baby girl were in good health.

Law enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason said that a woman, who witnessed Isaacs being taken into the clinic offered to give both her and the baby a place to stay.

“The entire episode left the officers feeling extremely happy because everything turned out perfectly for this little baby and her mother,” said Dyason.

Monique Johnstone, spokesperson for Mitchell’s Plain CHC, said that the Department of Social Development came to see the mom and would source a place of safety for her, but until such time she and her baby would stay at the maternity unit of the clinic.

“The mom was discharged and gave birth to a baby girl off site. The mom and baby are doing well.

"They are being kept at the Mitchells Plain CHC until the social worker completes her assessment,” Johnstone said.


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