Murder-accused killed in gang-related incident after appearing in court

A 42-year-old man was shot and killed after appearing in court for a murder charge. Photographer: Leon Knipe

A 42-year-old man was shot and killed after appearing in court for a murder charge. Photographer: Leon Knipe

Published Aug 7, 2023


Cape Town - A man who had just appeared in a murder case was gunned down on Friday.

The 42-year-old was murdered in front of his wife as he was walking to his white bakkie parked in front of Goodwood Magistrate’s Court.

The victim was shot by two men after appearing in a murder case at the court. The motive for the incident is suspected to be gang-related.

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk said crime scene experts combed the scene outside the court.

“A 42-year-old man was shot and killed in a suspected gang-related incident. According to reports the deceased, who earlier appeared in a murder case, was walking to his vehicle when two men approached him.

“One of them fired several shots fatally wounding him.”

Van Wyk said the suspects fled in a red VW Golf and had not been arrested. “A murder case was opened for investigation by SAPS Goodwood.”

This is the second incident where a murder accused was shot and killed after a court appearance. A woman who appeared in Wynberg Magistrate’s Court was shot in the head on May 25.

Yolanda Gumira was walking with two other people when she was killed near the court.

After the shooting CCTV footage was circulated and an arrest followed.

The murder happened after Gumira appeared in court alongside alleged mass killer, Lundi Zweni, Zinhle Mazibuko and another woman for a murder case. The police said the killing happened in July 2018. Three men have been arrested for Gumira’s murder.

Action Society’s Ian Cameron said: “We don’t usually hear of the threats, and obviously people don’t show up because they are scared of being targeted or because they were warned they would be targeted.

“The problem with it, is that the chances of authorities actually solving that crime is so small, that most of the perpetrators get away with it.

“It’s very difficult to say there is light at the end of the tunnel because currently there isn’t.

“The pressure on courts as well, means that where authorities do a good job, it’s all hands on deck so how do they make sure that witnesses or even the accused successfully go through the prosecution process without being threatened by fellow perpetrators or rivals.”

Anyone with information can call Crime Stop at 0860010111.

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