Judge Dianne Davis found Odwa Nkololo guilty of raping Iyapha Yamile strangling her to death and then wrapping her body in refuse bags and disposing it. Picture: Noor Slamdien/Daily Voice/African News Agency.
Cape Town - Judge Dianne Davis found Odwa Nkololo, the man on trial for the rape and murder of four-year-old Iyapha Yamile, guilty of raping the little girl, strangling her to death and then wrapping her body in refuse bags and disposing of it about two streets away from his Town Two, Harare home. 

Iyapha’s father, Dan Mpongoshe, said the Nkololo was a vulture.

“Nothing in him shows remorse or that he can change. Even this thing of him spitting at a journalist is a clear indication of his rude ways. He has no regrets and his actions prove his guilt,” he said.

Mpongoshe said the family was still devastated by what had happened to Iyapha, but he was satisfied with the guilty conviction.

“For sentencing, I expect nothing less than a life term prison sentence. I hope he gets life or 15 years for each of the two rape charges he faces,” he said.

Judge Davis had not concluded delivering her judgement. She has though, acquitted Nkololo of the kidnapping charge for Iyapha. She also ruled that the alleged confession Nkololo made to police was admissible.

On Tuesday, Davis will be delivering her judgement on the second rape charge Nkololo faces for the rape of a seven-year-old girl, a close friend’s daughter.

In her judgement Davis said all the state witnesses impressed her. She said their evidence was clear and precise.

“I found each of the witnesses credible and could be relied upon,” she said.


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