‘KNEE-JERK SOLUTION’: Controversial plan to increase kerbside parking fees in the CBD from R130 to a whopping R400 per day to hopefully be ‘approved before year-end’. Picture: David Ritchie/African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town - DA Mayoral committee member for Urban Development and Transport Brett Herron is pushing ahead with a controversial plan to increase kerbside parking fees in the CBD from R130 to a whopping R400 per day.

Herron said he is hopeful that Council will approve the plan before year-end.

Last month, the City’s parking management policy plan was withdrawn following a huge public outcry subsequent to a report on the plan by the Cape Argus.

At the time of the withdrawal of the plan, the mayoral committee said it first wants to receive a presentation on the plan and gather more  information.

Herron said: “It (the report) was not sent back to the portfolio committee. Mayco asked for a presentation on it. Area-based mayco members will make submissions on their on-street needs and we will see how the parking marshalls can play a role. I do expect the plan to go to Council this year.”

The plan is also up for discussion by the various political party caucuses.

JP Smith, DA  deputy caucus leader, said the plan had already been discussed within the DA caucus. He said the area-based mayoral committee members are now dealing with policy document.

“There were concerns around the tariffs, but an explanation was given to that effect. We are also work-shopping the plan to ensure that one official can be used for enforcement on informal trading, traffic and parking enforcement,” he said.

He said tariffs are determined on an annual basis, but reiterated that the proposed tariffs are to streamline parking.

“Those who park for longer than two hours get fined in the current form. The (new) parking policy aims to take away the fine and allow you to park for longer, meaning you will have to pay more,” Smith said.

The proposal will see motorists who park for under two hours pay no more than at present. At present, a fine of R450 is payable if you park longer than 2 hours.

According to council reports and recommendations, undersigned by Herron, the plan is aimed at improving turnaround of parking bays.

Bheki Hadebe, ANC City caucus spokesperson on transport, said the matter was withdrawn from mayco.

“We know that there are various workshops on the issue of the parking plan. Our caucus will be meeting soon to discuss this matter even further.”


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