Protest over caged hens stress

Published Sep 28, 2018


Cape Town - A small group of protesters, worried about the stress that caged hens go through to lay eggs, gathered in front of the Wimpy restaurant in St George’s Mall to highlight the plight of the birds.

Under the banner of the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute, they held placards decrying the way in which the eggs, served at Wimpy, are being produced.

The lunchtime picket had customers peering over their menus, looking a bit stressed over their would-be lunchtime choices. Undeterred, the picketers said they were concerned about caged hens’ eggs being sold in supermarkets and particularly in well-known restaurants under Famous Brands, including Wimpy, Mugg and Bean, Steers and various others.

“Hens are confined in an extremely small space where they have to lay their eggs, and these battery caged eggs are having a negative impact on the health of individuals and the treatment of animals,” said Mandla Gqamlana, campaign leader for SAFCEI.

“They are unable to spread their wings, they don’t have a safe place to nest and consumers are not aware of the conditions under which these hens are laying their eggs.”

The profit margins of the large franchise organisations were huge.

“Famous Brands holds a belief of integrity, and if they are allowing franchises to sell eggs being laid under unethical and poor conditions, then they are not delivering this.”

The Cape Argus tried to contact Darren Hele, chief executive of Famous Brands. After promises by his secretary that he would get back to the newspaper to comment, he did not.


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