A flamingo chick rescued in an earlier operation. Sibonelo Ngcobo African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town - The SA National Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (Sanccob) in Cape Town and BirdLife SA are involved in discussions about a possible rescue operation of about 5000 flamingo chicks at Kamfers Dam in Kimberley.

This follows a nationwide operation in which about 2000 chicks were rescued from the dam last month.

The conditions of the dam are deteriorating because of climate change and a lack of water. It has also led to a decline in blue-green algae, which the birds feed on. This led to the adult population leaving the dam.

Kamfers Dam is one of the biggest breeding colonies for lesser flamingos in Africa.

Meanwhile, Birdlife SA is trying to bring water to the dam for the chicks, but it and similar organisations are discussing what to do.

Spokesperson Ronnie Daniels said: “There has not yet been a confirmed decision about whether there will be a rescue intervention, or whether Sanccob will be involved.

“The surviving 95 flamingo chicks in our care are growing tall and strong and on Monday we placed them in a newly erected enclosure to give them space to exercise and walk about. They are really enjoying it. The structure was built pro bono by Ultra Pro and their partnering suppliers.”

The Department of Environmental Affairs said the birds bred for the first time at the artificial breeding site at Kamfers Dam in 2008.


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