GUILTY: Aviwe Hoya was convicted of raping, kidnapping and robbing five schoolgirls in Khayelitsha. Picture: Zodidi Dano/Cape Argus
Cape Town - Serial rapist Aviwe Hoya, who preyed on young girls in Khayelitsha, has been convicted of several counts of rape, kidnapping and robbery.

Victims of Hoya suffered emotional trauma which led to one committing suicide, another developing a smoking habit and others struggling to trust the men in their own families.

Delivering her judgment, Judge Kate Savage highlighted the testimony of the four surviving victims and that of deceased victim Siyamamkela Goboza.

Hoya, 26, preyed on young girls who were on their way to school. The victims’ ages ranged from 10 to 15. The incidents occurred between 2011 and 2012.

Hoya was arrested in 2016 in the Eastern Cape after he was linked by forensic evidence to each of the cases.

Judge Savage said the attacks on the schools girls showed that Hoya had no regard for human dignity.

“He took the opportunity, viciously attacking each of them. He used violence to kidnap and rape them when they were furthering their education.

“He robbed five girls off their youth, left them emotionally and physically scarred. He acted in the calculative manner of a serial killer,” she said.

Judge Savage said Hoya acted as a “one-man gang”, with no regard.

Goboza, Hoya’s first victim, was 13 when she was dragged to the bushes at knifepoint and raped. According to her aunt, Buyiswa Hlobo, her behaviour changed after the incident.

She stopped attending school and stopped wearing dresses, opting to wear short pants.

“She surrounded herself with boys, acted like a tomboy,” Judge Savage highlighted. Last year, Goboza drank poison and later died at Groote Schuur Hospital, the judge said.

The remaining victims, who can’t be identified, also suffered trauma.

One of the victims failed a year at school and, according to her father’s testimony, her behaviour changed.

“She became more aggressive towards others and moved to the Eastern Cape to live with her aunts,” the court read.

Another victim, who was also 13 at the time of the incident, began smoking dagga and drinking alcohol. She performed badly at school and told the court she still remembered Hoya six years after the incident. The youngest victim, aged 10, was raped repeatedly by the Hoya in an open field.

Sentencing has been set down for Thursday. 


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