A new radio show addressing LGBTQI issues has been slammed as “being from the devil” by pastors. Picture: Brendan Magaar/African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town - A new radio show addressing LGBTQI issues has been slammed as “being from the devil” by pastors.

The show, which airs every Friday on Radio Atlantis, is presented by local school teacher Dencil Hattingh, who said he has been shocked to the core by comments from the holy men who have trashed his show and condemned him for teaching children about homosexuality.

The Pink Friday Show, which started three months ago on the community radio station has become a popular feature.

Hattingh says he tackles every “taboo” topic and questions people have about the LGBTQI lifestyle, while at the same time helping those who are still struggling with their sexual identity.

The show has games, prizes, special guests, and while there’s lots of laughter, it tackles serious issues, he says.

Hattingh, who is gay and teaches English and History, says one evening a man who identified himself as a pastor (but refused to give his name) called in to say the show is “trash” and he wants it cancelled.

He says more “pastors” called in and threatened they would “shut down the station”.

SHOCK: Dencil Hattingh’s Pink Friday Show on Radio Atlantis in an unholy clash.


“Pastors from all over started calling in and saying we are wrong to teach children to be gay. I cannot teach someone how to be gay.

“The fact that anyone thinks it’s something that can be taught, is beyond me.

“I will just continue to pray for these men who call themselves men of God,” Hattingh says.

Speaking to the Daily Voice anonymously, an Atlantis pastor says it makes him “sick to listen how the m*****s go on” ("sick to listen how the f*ggots go on").

“God does not want two men to come together,” he says. “Man and wife come together.

“Die goed is vannie duiwel af en gaan uitbrand vir hulle vleeslike begeertes, and I want them off the air,” the angry pastor said. ("This stuff is from the devil they're going to burn for their carnal desires, and I want them off the air," the angry pastor said.)

In a statement to the Daily Voice, Radio Atlantis management said they fully support their new show saying it provides valuable information.

Hattingh says he hopes the holy men will see the light, adding: “The show must go on.”

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